Tune Your BMW and Add Serious Horsepower!

Do you own a turbo BMW with a 4-8 cylinder motor? Maybe it’s a 335i and you are looking to push the performance? Our techs at G2 Automotive have pushed us to become Burger Motorsports certified and we love what we see!

When it comes to performance gains for your BMW (and some other brands), the JB4 from Burger Motorsports is where you start. It is one of the best tuners, it’s easy to switch maps on the go, and allows for adjusting hundreds of custom options. When we install the JB4 on a BMW, we can feel the difference in power. It really is amazing. Not only do our techs install the tuning suite for you, they will also check the required maintenance beforehand - like the spark plugs, coils, and charge pipe. As an added option, you can add real time data to your iphone, including a fault code readout.

Let’s be honest, you are the type  of person that *enjoys* driving your BMW. You might get a little rowdy with it on occasion and you love the feel of pushing the engine a bit. Installing the JB4 from Burger Motorsports makes the turbos super responsive and is hands down one of the best “bang for your buck” upgrades you can make to your BMW. We’ve been able to easily add another 100hp to the modifications at our shop.

What we love the most about the JB4 is that Burger Motorsports allows you to adjust almost everything from your steering wheel making this an easy modification for those looking to get started.

Give us a call and let us talk you through what it takes to add some serious performance to your BMW!

Greg Tirico