Prepare Your German Car for the Atlanta Winter

Winter in Atlanta is not quite as severe as say….Manitoba. Despite the lack of truly severe weather there are still several items on your car maintenance to-do list that need to be checked off before the cold weather sets in.

  • Don’t ignore your battery. Make sure that you have your cables checked for corrosion. The colder months can be particularly harsh on batteries so keeping your cables sturdy and free of corrosion should be near the top of your list.

  • When things freeze, be sure you can rely on antifreeze. This magical liquid does exactly what the name implies. Make sure that you clean and flush your cooling system with fresh antifreeze for a hassle-free drive this winter.

  • Maybe not as obvious are your wipers. Winter wiper blades are something you can consider but, at minimum, make sure your wiper blades can work effectively on those days when we see a mixture of rain and ice on the roads.

  • Always check your tires. Stepping into the winter months, you want to be sure your tire tread depth and pressure are exactly where they should be. If you have been putting off replacing your tires, now is the time to push this up on your priority list.

  • Even in the summer, and especially in the winter, always be sure you have had your oil and oil filter checked. The dirtier the oil, the heavier it gets. In the winter months, this will make your car work unnecessarily harder.

  • Similar to changing your oil, don’t put off a tune-up either. The winter months will only make the lack of top performance that much more pronounced so it’s always a good idea to get a tune-up done before the winter weather arrives.

Lastly, be sure that some of the more common items are available in your automobile should you get stranded on the road for a bit. Have your spare tire checked (if your car has one) and be sure to double check the first aid kit in case anything needs to be replaced.

As always, G2 Automotive is ready to help with some of the more urgent items. Give us a call or click here to book an appointment today.

Greg Tirico