Regular Maintenance is Critical. Here’s Why…

You might think the only time your car needs to be serviced is when the check engine light comes on. Especially for high performance machines like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure you avoid the bigger repair bills.

When should I service my German-made car?

Your car will tell you when it’s ready for service. Most of the time, you can use the number of miles driven to determine if it is time for maintenance. While most internal computers will decide when service is due and alert you with a message, it is important to pay closer attention to a few specific maintenance items.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are critical to the healthy operation and the ultimate performance of your high-end German car. They also increase the longevity of your engine and usually give a higher re-sale value being noted as a well-maintained car. Let the G2 Auto team guide you on the best time to get your oil changed - usually measured by the number of miles driven. G2 Automotive recommends changing your oil every 6,500 to 7,500 miles.


Are your brakes squeaking? Do you hear a metal on metal sound when stopping the car? Don't underestimate the importance and safety of healthy brakes. They need to function at the highest possible level...especially when you need them! Brakes will need to be replaced more frequently for in town stop and go driving versus highway driving. G2 also recommends a brake flush (new clean brake fluid) every 25-30,000 miles.


If you feel like your car is riding rough or if you can feel a vibration in the steering wheel, then it is time to pay closer attention to your tires. G2 Automotive offers competitive pricing on tires. Let us give you a quote today!


The worst part about a car battery is that is usually will not tell you when it is about to fail. Without a working battery, you could find yourself stuck on the side of the road and that’s not good! Let the G2 Auto team take a regular look at the battery connections and health of your vehicle's battery.

Wiper Blades

If you can hear a chattering from your wiper blades or they are streaking across the window, then it’s time for new blades. This is an easy fix and the G2 Auto team is ready to keep your visibility clear.

Contact the G2 Auto team at 678-474-0646 or better yet, book an appointment online at and let’s get some of these easy — but important — maintenance items crossed off your to-do list today!

Greg Tirico